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Gareth - #EpilepsyTogether

In the video below for National Epilepsy Week, Gareth O'Neill discusses his journey with the condition and how he has a supportive environment in living with condition. It is wonderful to hear these positive stories in terms of understanding of epilepsy in the workplace. However, we know that this understanding and support is not universal. Unfortunately, for some people with epilepsy, there can still be misconceptions around a person’s ability to work when the reality is that for the vast majority of people with epilepsy, they are able to work at whatever they chose to do.

To help increase understanding of epilepsy within workplaces and in employment settings, Epilepsy Ireland are here to provide support to both employers and people with epilepsy. Further information on employment for people with epilepsy can be found in the ‘Employment’ section of our website. Employers can also download or read our ‘Epilepsy in the Workplace- An Employers Information Resource’ to learn more about epilepsy and how they can support a person with epilepsy in their workplace.