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National Epilepsy Week 2023

#EpilepsyMatters - what matters most to you? on blue background

National Epilepsy Week took place from May 22nd to May 28th and the theme was #EpilepsyMatters.

There are so many things that matter to people with epilepsy, and that was why it was fantastic to have a mix of activities happening throughout #EpilepsyWeek 2023 - including a central Dáil debate on one of our key advocacy campaigns that matters to people with epilepsy; and the launch of a new app designed to improve awareness of epilepsy amongst the public - something that certainly matters to the epilepsy community!! You can see these two highlights in the menu.

Alongside this, #EpilepsyWeek featured the sharing of lived experiences of epilepsy, which has become a key feature of the week for us. We have highlighted two example below.

Cara's Story

For National Epilepsy Week 2023, we arranged for our media volunteer Cara Martin from Mayo to speak about her recent breakthrough seizure – when unfortunately, her seizure wasn’t recognised by those around her. It matters that the wider public know that there is more than one type of seizure – and how to respond correctly. Epilepsy matters and this key information matters so please learn more about seizure first aid by visiting the 'Seizure First Aid' section of our website. Thank you and well done to Cara - and Ciaran - for sharing their story, which you can watch below:

Paul's Poem

We were sent this brilliant poem from Paul Hannigan from Donegal for #EpilepsyWeek. One thing that the general public need to know is how epilepsy is more than just seizures, but also how the condition doesn't have to define a person's life. Paul's poem explores this further in a very clever way as you will in his poem, 'A Quick Word on Epilepsy' below...

Image of a lighting bolt inside a person's head
Epilepsy is my neurological condition

Paranoia anxt and fear are unwelcome additions

Inability to remember, that comes with it too

Losing treasured memories is horrific to go through

Education helps me along with much endurance

Prescription meds are may I say an unwelcome insurance

Seizures take the spotlight as they chip away at you

Yet living with epilepsy is just one thing that I do.

Epilepsy Research Matters event

As part of National Epilepsy Week 2023, we hosted a special event focussed on Epilepsy research with our colleagues in FutureNeuro. You can watch the videos back by visiting the dedicated page for the event on our website.