Epilepsy Information

Epilepsy Ireland is committed to providing the most up to date information on epilepsy as it relates to a wide range of issues.

Find out more about Ireland's most common neurological condition which affects up to 40,000 people.
How epilepsy is diagnosed and the tests you might have.
Find out more about epilepsy treatments, including medications, surgery, medical devices, diet.
Advice for a healthy lifestyle while living with epilepsy.
Are you seizure aware? Discover more about seizures and how you can reduce risk.
Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy is uncommon but people with epilepsy should be made aware.
Did you know that people with epilepsy can drive under certain circumstances.
Your rights when working and looking for work, and ways your employer can support you.
People with epilepsy can qualify for entitlements such as free medication.
Women face many concerns and challenges with their epilepsy.
Over 10,000 children have epilepsy in Ireland.
Talking about epilepsy can extremely challenging for people with the condition.