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IQ Quality Mark

IQ foundation logo

Epilepsy Ireland attained the “Improving Quality” (IQ) quality standard in September 2021.

Improving Quality (IQ) is a quality system developed specifically for small to medium-sized Community and Voluntary Sector Organisations. 

IQ addresses all the essential areas necessary for the effective management and governance of a charity. Four elements are assessed:

  • Accountable – Good Governance, Leadership and management
  • Welcoming – Involving Service users, managing and developing Staff and Volunteers, Equality and Diversity and working with others
  • Effective – refers to the services that an organisations provides and the planning, delivery, monitoring and evaluation that the organisations carries out
  • Sustainable – How the organisation manages, risk, money and the resources to make service delivery happen

The standard was awarded at Foundation Level following an external assessment of our work, practices, policies/procedures and impact. The award lasts for three years. You can learn more by visiting the 'IQ' website. 

Prior to this, Epilepsy Ireland held the similar PQASSO/ Trusted Charity accreditation from 2015-2021.