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Epilepsy Ireland Smartphone Apps

Smartphone with Epilepsy Ireland logo

Our app has a number of feature support people with epilepsy and parents of children with epilepsy to record information about their seizures (including video), identify potential triggers and seizure patterns, set important reminders, send emergency texts, organise medical appointments, measure missed medications and collect important data on their epilepsy.

The free app has been developed for Epilepsy Ireland in association with the DXC Technologies team in Galway. We are currently(February 2024) in the process of developing an updated version of this app and hope to relaunch this soon - we are currently testing version 3 of the new app internally. However, some of the key features of the existing app are as follows:

  • Record date, time, type and duration of seizure
  • Record features of the seizure - pre-seizure, during-seizure and post-seizure
  • Create custom seizure types, triggers and seizure features
  • Record suspected seizure triggers
  • Quick access to the phone's camera for parents/ family members to video-record a seizure and link it to an entry in the diary.
  • Customisable emergency SMS ready to send with one touch e.g. during aura stage or following a seizure
  • Set reminders for when medications are due to be taken
  • Set reminders for when prescriptions are running out and when emergency medications are reaching use-by date
  • Set reminders for medical appointments and save notes for each appointment so that you don't forget key questions or discussion points on the day
  • Tracking of missed medication doses and linking of missed doses to seizure occurrence.
  • Easy to review seizure details using colour-coded calendar and seizure log
  • Create visual reports based on your seizure diary to help your medical team understand if medications are working and improve individual treatment plans.
  • Email reports from the app to your email address or share data with your medical team
  • Key Epilepsy Ireland contacts and services
  • All user details including login details are now stored on your device and internet connectivity is not required.


Download the Epilepsy Ireland app for iPhone.

Download the Epilepsy Ireland app for Android. (Unfortunately the app is no longer available on android. We will have the new app up as soon as possible)

Epilepsy Ireland App terms and conditions