Buccal Midazolam (BM) Training

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Buccal Midazolam is a rescue medication which has become more widespread in recent years and which can be very important for people with epilepsy. It is administered during a seizure under medical advice and helps to reduce seizure duration and aid with safety. Given promptly, this relatively simple procedure can prevent major disruption to daily life resulting from hospital emergency treatment. 

Epilepsy Ireland provides training in Epilepsy Awareness and the administration of Buccal Midazolam to health care professionals, teachers and SNAs. Please click on the link for more information and the cost of the Course for Health Professionals

We also provide demonstrations to parents and carers

COVID19 Arrangements.

Due to the public health advice issued due to the ongoing pandemic, we are now offering online demonstrations on the administration of Buccal Midazolam for parents and carers and for allied health care professionals. Please contact our Traning Manager Paul Sharkey on info@epilepsy.ie if you would like to book a place on an upcoming class or have any query regarding this. We look forward to our service returning to normal as soon as possible however we are pleased to have adapted these demonstrations in order to continue this vital service.