Epilepsy Ireland General Election Campaign - #GE2020

With the General Election set to take place on February 8th Epilepsy Ireland is using the opportunity to further highlight matters important to people with epilepsy and their families with all election candidates.

We have selected six issues which are frequently highlighted by the people with epilepsy and their families we work with as being major factors in their day to day lives. These were also among the most common issues highlighted in our recent advocacy survey.

Disability Federation Of Ireland - #GE2020

As a member of the Disability Federation Of Ireland (DFI),  Epilepsy Ireland are supporting the recommendations made by DFI to sitting and prospective TDs concering the rights of the 600,000 people living in Ireland today - many of whom are living with epilepsy.

DFI work to ensure that people with disabilities are treated equally in Irish society. As part of their General Election campaign, DFI are asking candidates to commit to:

Neurological Alliance Of Ireland - #GE2020

As a member of the Neurological Alliance of Ireland (NAI), Epilepsy Ireland are supporting the calls made in the NAI pre-election manifesto. 

There are over 800,000 people living in Ireland with a neurological condition; approximately 40,000 of these have epilepsy. Improvements in neurological care and service must be a priority for the next Government and indeed, all elected members of the 33rd Dáíl. 

Memory impairment linked to abnormal brain activity in people with epilepsy according to new study

A new study recently published in the Journal of Neuroscience has revealed how memory and abnormal brain activity are linked in people with epilepsy.

Memory impairment or loss is a common complaint amongst people with epilepsy and this study, which was conducted by Cedars-Sinai in the US, investigated the area of the brain which is key to memory –the hippocampus.