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International Epilepsy Day

International Epilepsy Day Logo

International Epilepsy Day is a major epilepsy awareness day and is a day in which we aim to educate the wider Irish public about a condition which affects 40,000 people in Ireland. We also encourage people with epilepsy to share their stories of living with the condition in order to help others understand. We have linked to some of our previous campaigns below so you can read more about them.

International Epilepsy Day takes place on the second Monday of February every year.

International Epilepsy Day 2022 - Time, Safe, Stay.

Our campaign for 2022 reinforced our key message of Time, Safe, Stay when it comes to responding to a seizure. We aimed to show how people with epilepsy do not need to be treated differently as a result of their condition and how the public can sometimes respond to a seizure in the wrong way. 

Look back on our campaign and learn more about Time, Safe, Stay!

International Epilepsy Day 2021 - #TimeSafeStay

Our campaign for 2021 was targetted at the general public and sought to explain to them what a seizure can be like - by likening it to a computer crashing & rebooting; while also showing the public that seizure first aid is much less complex than what they might perceive by presenting them with the three key words of TIME - SAFE - STAY. You can see the different aspects of the campaign by clicking HERE. 

International Epilepsy Day 2020 - As many myths as there are seizures

Epilepsy is unfortunately a condition which has many myths associated with it. Our #EpilepsyDay campaign in 2020 aimed to bust these myths by presenting the wider public with a series of striking images, aimed at confronting them with the myth - in an effort to dispel them. You can see the different aspects of the campaign by clicking HERE.

International Epilepsy Day 2019 - Be a TEAM player

Our campaign for #EpilepsyDay for 2019 featured then-Ireland coach Joe Schmidt and focussed on seizure first-aid and how to be a TEAM player. You can see the campaign materials HERE.