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Jonathon - #EpilepsyTogether

Jonathon Doyle

For National Epilepsy week, Jonathon Doyle writes about his first year of living with epilepsy and how his friends have helped support him on his journey….

I recently had my one year “anniversary” of my first official seizure. I had been unwell for a long time before I had this seizure in front of my family.

What we didn’t know back then is that I had been having seizures while I was sleeping for a long time.

After this first seizure, I became increasingly unwell and experienced a 7-minute seizure when in hospital.

The last year has been a journey and I have been on different medications which have taken their toll on my mental health. Feeling depressed and angry over the past year has not been unusual.

I have now officially received a diagnosis of Focal Onset Epilepsy causing Nocturnal Seizures.

Finding the right medication to treat my type of epilepsy is proving difficult but my doctors continue to work together to understand my epilepsy.

This last year has been a battle and a struggle. I know many people have it harder than me, but this is my story and each day I get up and fight. It has lead me to find an incredible community of people advocating for this illness together and to recognise those around me who have made the past year a bit more easier.

Epilepsy for me has been a journey not just for me but for all my friends around me. Not only have I had to learn about epilepsy but so have my friends. Nathan, who I’ve known for 8 years has learned how my epilepsy affects me and all about seizure first aid.

His support and the support of everyone around me has helped my adjustment to life with epilepsy.

For National Epilepsy Week, I’d encourage everyone to be open about epilepsy, as those closest to you can work together with those closest to you to help you on your journey.

Thank you Jonathon for sharing this important message for National Epilepsy Week – showing how friends can make a lasting impact to a person’s journey with the condition by understanding and helping. If you need any support or information regarding your epilepsy, visit  the 'Our Services' section of our website for details of your local Community Resource Officer.