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#EpilepsyDay 2024 - Lauren's Story

Lauren Byrne

We were sent this piece by Lauren Byrne for #EpilepsyDay, which strikes a hopeful message to anyone living with the condition….

15 years ago almost to the day I was diagnosed with right temporal lobe epilepsy. I started by having focal seizures which then progressed to tonic clonic seizures and became very frequent. It was very hard being a teenager and learning to adjust to this new illness, I couldn't be left alone as I was having so many seizures every single day. I felt very different and sheltered, I couldn’t even work like most people my age were doing. 

A couple of years went by and I had been on lots of different medications none of which helped long-term. It was then discovered that I had a scar on my brain, and this was where the seizures were coming from which led to the doctors suggesting brain surgery. 

I had my first surgery in 2015 and I was so hopeful it would help which it did for 7 months but unfortunately the seizures came back. 18 months later I was back on the operating table for a second operation, this definitely made a difference as it got my tonic-clonic seizures somewhat under control for a while. 

Up until last year I was continuously changing my medication hoping that eventually we would find the right combination for me after two brain surgeries and many, many different medications. I had pretty much given up on the idea that I would ever be seizure-free which I had learned to live with and accepted. 

Low and behold I was put on a new medication last year and I have never been happier to be able to say I am 1 year free of seizures!

I wanted to share this with people living with epilepsy for #EpilepsyDay to spread some positivity and hope. Here I am 15 years after my diagnosis and for the first time ever my seizures are fully controlled. I hope this helps anyone with epilepsy who feels like they'll never live a normal life or go long periods of time without seizures, because I am living proof that there is no timeline, and it can in fact change when you least expect it.

Never say never and don't ever give up hope, happy #EpilepsyDay my fellow purple warriors!