Medicinal Cannabis & Epilepsy

Medicinal cannabis is an area of great interest for many adults with epilepsy and parents of children with epilepsy. This is a complex and evolving subject and there is a lot of information online about the role that medicinal cannabis can play in treating epilepsy. This mini-site aims to present information on medicinal cannabis & epilepsy as clearly and concisely as possible.

Confused about what terms like CBD, THC & Medicinal Cannabis actually mean?
What is the evidence behind the use of Medicinal Cannabis and CBD in epilepsy?
Read more about the only approved cannabis-based medicine and availability in Ireland.
Learn more about the Medicinal Cannabis Access Programme.
In certain cases, the Minister for Health has the discretion to license cannabis products.
Our position on Medicinal Cannabis in epilepsy.
Much of the recent access to CBD products stems from a HPRA report in 2017.
Hear what some of the experts have to say on the use of CBD & Cannabis in epilepsy.