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Meet Wayne - #EpilepsyDay #TimeSafeStay

Wayne and the key words of Time, Safe, Stay!

"My name is Wayne and from Wexford. I’m 28 and I work for BT (from home now!).

I have had epilepsy for 5 years now. I haven’t got an exact diagnosis of exactly what type of epilepsy I have yet but the seizures have ranged in different shapes and sizes.

After tonic clonic seizures I remember very little from beforehand. Sometimes I wander around a room for a couple of minutes and then either just fall, attempt to speak which will be mumble jumble or sit down with my head in my hands and begin drooling.

A dejavu feeling that will repeat itself over and over more often and my vision will go all funky for a few seconds leaving a banging headache behind my left eye

If I have one message to everyone it would be it’s not only people with epilepsy that have seizures so even if you know basic seizure first aid you never know when your knowledge could be needed to help somebody!"