#EpilepsyDay - the MYTH of the spoon

On International Epilepsy Day, February 10th 2020, Epilepsy Ireland is highlighting that there are as many myths about epilepsy as there are types of seizures.

A very common myth is that a spoon (or other nearby objects) should be placed in a person's mouth during a seizure to stop the person from swallowing their tongue.

Step forward Lorraine Lally from Galway, a practising barrister, person with epilepsy and our certified "spoon in the mouth" myth-buster this #EpilepsyDay. 

Placing a spoon or anything else in a person's mouth during a seizure is a MYTH. Never put anything in a person's mouth during a seizure. Instead, follow these simple first aid steps.

Other myths we are trying to bust this International Epilepsy Day are:

1) The MYTH of there being only one type of seizure - Meet Oliver

2) The MYTH of restraining a person during a seizure - Meet Gerard

3) The MYTH that eveyone with epilepsy must avoid flashing lights - Meet Debbie

Remember to sort the myths from the facts.