#EpilepsyDay - the MYTH of restraining the person

On International Epilepsy Day, February 10th 2020, Epilepsy Ireland is highlighting that there are as many myths about epilepsy as there are types of seizures.

One such myth is that a person should be restrained during a seizure.

Step forward Gerard Kennedy – a Human Resources professional from Kildare – and our certified “restrain the person” myth buster this #EpilepsyDay.

Restraining a person during a seizure is a MYTH.  Never restrain a person during a seizure.
Instead, follow these simple first-aid steps.

Other myths we are trying to bust this International Epilepsy Day are:

1) The MYTH of the spoon - Meet Lorraine

2) The MYTH that everyone with epilepsy must avoid flashing lights - Meet Debbie

3) The MYTH of there being only one type of seizure - Meet Oliver

Remember to sort the myths from the facts.