#EpilepsyDay - the MYTH that everyone with epilepsy must avoid flashing lights

On International Epilepsy Day, February 10th 2020, Epilepsy Ireland is highlighting that there are as many myths about epilepsy as there are types of seizures.

A very common misunderstanding is that all people with epilepsy are photosensitive, meaning that they have to avoid flashing or flickering lights.

Step forward Debbie Kobe – a student from Westmeath on Epilepsy Ireland’s Training for Success course – and our certified “everyone with epilepsy is photosensitive” myth buster this #EpilepsyDay.

While photosensitive epilepsy does of course exist, it actually only affects about 3% of people with epilepsy! It is a MYTH that everyone with epilepsy is affected by flashing lights.
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Remember to sort the myths from the facts.