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How to tell?

two women talking to eachother in a work setting.

If you have decided you will disclose your epilepsy, it is important to think about when you will disclose it and you'll need to think carefully about how you present the information around your own epilepsy. Be conscious that unfortunately people can have a defined picture of epilepsy , and may not be fully aware of the individual nature of the condition - for example, they may not realise that the vast majority of people with epilepsy can become seizure-free if the right treatment for their individual epilepsy is identified.

Plan how you will speak about your epilepsy - you can use the questions bel0w as a template on how to approach disclosure, and use the various resources across our website to help you provide further information to your employer/colleagues. You can also visit the 'How2Tell' section of our website which has comprehensive information on the different approaches to disclosure. 

  • What is epilepsy?
  • What is a seizure?
  • What kind of seizures do you have?
  • How often do they occur?
  • What exactly happens when you have a seizure?
  • Do the seizures occur randomly or is there a pattern?
  • Is there anything in particular which triggers the seizure?
  • After the seizure how long will it take before you can carry on with their work?
  • What should be done if you have a seizure at work?