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Support for employers

staff in discussion in a team meeting.

People with disabilities are often confronted in the workplace with preconceived ideas or myths about their disability, such as their ability to do the work, and what they might need to do the job. Often these misconceptions and myths disguise an underlying discomfort or embarrassment on the part of those without a disability, when they come into contact for the first time with people with disabilities.

       - IBEC’s guideline on employing people with a disability

For an employer who is interested in bringing people with epilepsy into the workforce or for those who have employees with epilepsy, Epilepsy Ireland can offer Epilepsy Awareness Training, which can provide guidance on:

  • What is Epilepsy ? A look at the facts concerning the condition as opposed to some of the commonly held misconceptions.
  • What is a Seizure ? Epilepsy is a condition that is unique to each individual. This section looks at the major classifications of seizures.
  • Do’s and Don’ts! This section looks at the things people should/should not do if they are in a situation where a person has a seizure.
  • Professional issues: Guidelines on assessing the suitability of a person with epilepsy to undertake specific jobs.

For further details or to arrange Epilepsy Awareness Training for your workplace, please contact Epilepsy Ireland Training & Quality Manager,  Edel Curran by emailing; by getting in touch with your local Community Resource Officer; or by calling our Head Office on 014557500