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Insurance and Pension Issues

jar of money toppled over labelled pension.

Sometimes myths about extra insurance in the workplace and problems with pensions or other related issues prevent employers from taking on people with epilepsy. There should be no problems with these issues, provided that everyone concerned is made aware of the facts:


It is often assumed that employing someone with epilepsy is ultimately going to result in an increased premium. This is not the case. No special insurance is required for a worker with epilepsy. At a basic level, employers should ensure that they are covered by Public Liability Insurance and Employers' Liability. Premiums are only affected by claims, and there is no evidence to suggest claims increase by employing someone with epilepsy.


In relation to pensions, it is a general policy that if someone is fit enough to be an employee, they are acceptable for the pension scheme, if one exists.

Adaptations to Machinery

Machinery must be adequately guarded in order to comply with safety regulations covering all workers. If this policy is implemented, it should prevent injury in the unlikely event of a seizure happening in the vicinity. However, if special guards are required, grants for workplace equipment adaptation are available.