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Teachers pack

Teacher talking to young children

Education Information Pack: A Resource for pre-schools, schools and colleges

Epilepsy Ireland has updated our ‘Teachers Pack’ which is now known as ‘The Education Information Pack’.  

The new resource aims to inform staff across education settings about the particular needs of students with epilepsy of all age ranges. It covers topics such as what epilepsy is, how it can be managed in education settings, how to support students with epilepsy, roles of education partners, families and students in developing care plans and policies, educational impact of epilepsy and supports available to schools and colleges to assist with training staff in epilepsy awareness and use of emergency medication.

Epilepsy Ireland hopes this new pack will be as successful in breaking down barriers and informing staff in all education sectors as the original pack has been, while reflecting the changes within preschools, schools and colleges around the country. Thank you also to Bon Secours for sponsoring this resource.

The pack can be read and downloaded from our website. 

Managing Chronic Conditions at School

This resource is part of a comprehensive guide published by Epilepsy Ireland (then Brainwave) and three other charities - Diabetes Ireland, Asthma Society and Anaphylaxis Ireland in 2011 and will also provide useful and important information on epilepsy for teachers.

The resource can be downloaded and read on our website. You can also watch the short video below.