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Epilepsy Ireland Volunteers after completing a marathon

Marathons are a fantastic way to support our work and we have been privileged to have hundreds of people represent Epilepsy Ireland in marathons right across the globe. Whether you come in first or last, you are a champion in our eyes if you decide to take on the ultimate endurance test in our name!

Marathons are now synonymous with the charity sector with the majority of people involved running on the behalf of an organisation close to their heart. We hope to be that charity and we'll be on hand to provide you will all you need if you're thinking about challenging your mind....and your legs!

If you are taking part in a marathon event and would like to fundraise for us, please do get in touch!  We will send you out our lovely running t-shirts or vests so everyone can know you're taking on this challenge in support of Epilepsy Ireland!  If you have any questions about taking part in a marathon in support of Epilepsy Ireland, please get in touch with our team by emailing

In the meantime, we have listed some events which might be of interest to those thinking of taking on the ultimate endurance test in support of Epilepsy Ireland! If you're registering for a different event in your area  or further afield, do let us know!