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Note that Research call has now closed however, we have left details of the application process below for those who may be interested in applying in the future to see how our process works.

Research Call 2019-2020

Opening Date: October 3rd 2019
Closing date for pre-application form: November 18th 2019
Provisional closing date for full applications (if shortlisted): January 24th 2020

Epilepsy Ireland is committed to supporting Irish epilepsy research and since 2009, over €1,000,000 has been invested in a wide range of high quality projects, many in conjunction with the Health Research Board under the HRB/HRCI (formerly MRCG) Joint Funding Scheme.

We are delighted to launch our 7th Research Call and we now invite applications for epilepsy-focused research projects of up to a three-year duration to a maximum of €50,000 p.a. Proposals funded under this call will begin in Autumn 2020.

Research Priorities 2019/20

For the 2019/2020 round of research funding, we will prioritise applications on the following topics:

SUDEP; Cannabinoids; Epilepsy and intellectual disability; Technology/Assistive Tech; Rare/Complex epilepsy; Pregnancy and epilepsy; Diet & nutrition in epilepsy; Psychosocial aspects (to include comorbidities, cognitive/ behavioural effects, employment/education/ QoL etc.).

* For this round only, we also wish to prioritise studies that focus directly on people with epilepsy (and/or families), rather than pure laboratory-based research.

Application Process

In order to better streamline the application process for both Epilepsy Ireland and for applicants, we ask applicants to complete and submit the ‘Pre-application’ form (below) by 18th November 2019 at 5pm. Applicants should not complete the Full HRB/HRCI Application form at this stage.  However, the full HRB/HRCI application form and HRB guidance on it is available below for reference. We strongly recommend that applicants review the HRB Guidance notes (including the notes on exclusions) as well as the additional Epilepsy Ireland guidance prior to beginning an application.

Following an internal review of all ‘pre-applications’ received, shortlisted applicants will be invited to complete the full application form (provisional deadline 24th January 2020). Please see the Epilepsy Ireland Guidance Notes below for more information.

Review Process

Stage 1: Internal Review of pre-application submissions to develop shortlist for full applications

Stage 2: International Peer review of full applications including Applicant's Right to Reply

Stage 3: Evaluation and ranking by Epilepsy Ireland's Research Peer Review Board

Stage 4: Highest ranking proposals submitted for consideration under the HRB/HRCI Joint Funding Scheme.

Successful projects will be funded jointly by Epilepsy Ireland and the HRB from Autumn 2020.

For further information, please contact:
Peter Murphy
pmurphy(at) or 01 4557500