Research Volunteers

Researchers who are investigating epilepsy rely on people with epilepsy to volunteer their time to participate in the studies. Taking part in a research study is generally not time consuming. Depending on the study, it may mean completing questionnaires, taking part in a phone interview or donating a blood sample.

Below is a list of studies that are currently looking for volunteers. Please take a look and get in touch with the researchers if you meet their criteria.

If you are a researcher looking for study participants, please email us at with details.

Understanding post-traumatic stress symptoms in people with epilepsy

Posted: April 2018

Researchers from the Institute of Psychology, Health and Society, University of Liverpool, in the UK are seeking volunteers from the UK and Republic of Ireland for their study into trauma symptoms in people with epilepsy.

Trauma symptoms may affect up to 20 in every 100 people with epilepsy but the area is not well studied. In this study, the researchers will explore some of the things that may contribute to the development and maintenance of trauma symptoms in people with epilepsy. They hope that the results will help to develop an intervention to ease trauma symptoms and help improve quality of life.

The study is recruiting participants from now (April 2018) until September 2018.

Participants will be asked to complete two online questionnaires. The first one will be as soon as you enrol. The second one will be three months later.

The questionnaires will ask you about:

  • You and your epilepsy
  • Your experience of possible symptoms of trauma
  • Any coping strategies for trauma you might use

The questionnaires will each take about 20 minutes to do. Everyone who takes part will be given the opportunity to be entered into a prize draw.

Who can take part?

You can take part if you

  • Have epilepsy (of any type)
  • Are aged 18 or over
  • Are able to fill in an online questionnaire in English, by yourself
  • Live in the UK or the Republic of Ireland

Find out more:

Please download the Information sheet below or visit the following website:

Improving Adjustment for Children with Epilepsy – A Family Approach   

Posted: July 17th 2018

Researchers at University College Cork are inviting parents of children and adolescents with epilepsy to participate in family-focused research aimed at improving adjustment for your child.

The study is being carried out by UCC in collaboration with the Department of Paediatric Neurology at Cork University Hospital and Epilepsy Ireland. By enrolling in the study, there is an opportunity for some parents to take part in a one-day parent workshop, which has shown promise in research with other populations of children with chronic illness and disability.

What will the Study involve?

Being part of the study will involve you completing some questionnaires about you and your child. The questionnaires should take no more than 40 minutes to complete. You may then have an opportunity to take part in the parent workshop.

Who can take part?

Parents of school children aged between 6 and 16 years, with a diagnosis of epilepsy and a seizure frequency of at least 1 per 12 months. Parents must also be fluent in written and spoken English in order to participate.

Find out more:

To find out more information please download and read through the Information sheet attached below. If you would then like to participate please contact the Principal Researchers at the email addresses below. We will then post the questionnaires to you OR alternatively provide you with a link in order complete the questionnaires online for your convenience:

Principal Researchers: