Research Volunteers

Why do we need Research Volunteers?

Researchers who are investigating epilepsy rely on people with epilepsy to volunteer their time to participate in their studies. Depending on the study, it may mean completing questionnaires, taking part in a phone interview or donating a blood sample. In the majority of cases, it won't be too time consuming to get involved.

When we receive research requests, we will post them below with detals & criteria.If you are a researcher looking for study participants, please email us at with details.

Can Dogs Predict Epileptic Seizures? - Neil Powell, Queens University Belfast (Request made September 2019)

For those of you in attendance at our National Conference, you will know that arguably one of the most talked about aspects of the day was Neil Powell's research on whether family dogs can predict seizures. Attendees were amazed at the early findings of Neil's research in that dogs are displaying a natural affinity for seizure prediction. You can read more on Neil's research goals here.

In continuing his research, Neil is seeking sweat samples associated with seizures. For more information on how to participate, please contact Neil directly at