Researchers & Students - Research Participation Requests

We receive numerous requests from researchers & students seeking our help in assisting with their projects and seeking participants for inclusion in their studies. We are delighted to hear from researchers and the work they are undertaking however, there are a few steps that we must consider before issuing a call for participants on your behalf. As part of this we will be viewing what it proposed from the perspective of a person with epilepsy to establish whether the research is appropriate and beneficial to them.
We have outlined these below so you and your team can outline these to us as part of your request when getting in touch.
Please note that the list below is not rigid and may change depending on the nature of your research request. Similarly, it is not meant to be exhaustive and is designed for you to ensure the request can be considered and assessed as quickly as possible.

Initial Evaluation

  1. Is your request linked to an established University, College or Research Body? If not, it is unlikely that we will be able to make a call on your behalf.(One exception to this is the Young Scientist competition where researchers are secondary school students.)
  2. Is your research relevant to people with epilepsy/Epilepsy Ireland? When completed, will it be a contribution to the epilepsy knowledge base?
  3. Is your request reasonable and of minimal disruption to staff & service users of Epilepsy Ireland?

Further Evaluation

If your request involves us putting out a call for participants on our social channels or website, we will need the below information from you. We have given a short explanation of why we require this and what we will be looking for as part of this. Please note, the request we put out will be asking potential participants to contact the researcher directly.

  1. Ethic approval letter from your institution
  2. Summary of the research proposal - We will be looking at the suitability of the idea, research and methodology proposed and identify any issue we see in the study design. If the study relates to under 18’s, further consultation will be required.
  3. Copy of questionnaire that may be involved - We will be looking to see if there is any issue in the questionnaire design; whether the questions are suitable and relevant; and finally, the language that is used in the questionnaire.
  4. Copy of Participation Leaflet - Most University level research should have an information leaflet and we will require a copy of this before issuing a call
  5. Commitment that results will be communicated with study participants and Epilepsy Ireland - It is important to us that the people being researched be given the opportunity to see the results of same.

What we can do if requirements outlined above are met

  1. Researchers can write a brief piece for inclusion on our website explaining the study; how study will be of benefit; and how to get involved. This will be uploaded to our website alongside the participation information leaflet. We can then also share on our social media channels.

Further notes

-Epilepsy Ireland’s involvement must be mentioned in any dissemination of results.
Thank you for your interest in Epilepsy Ireland and epilepsy. We hope that you found this page useful as you go about your research and please do not hesitate to contact us on 014557500 or regarding same.