Happy Graduation!!

Graduations come with speeches but luckily for you, your graduation will be short and sweet with one important message. As you have seen from the different modules included in your degree, there is so much information and misconceptions surrounding epilepsy - these modules have only scratched the surface. Epilepsy Ireland aims to educate the public around epilepsy but we need your support to do this. Pease consider donating or encouraging your friends and family to donate this Purple Day. You can support our work by using any of the options here. 

See? That wasn't too painful was it? And with that, the University of Epilepsy Ireland proudly confers onto you your 1:1 degree in Epilepsy Awareness!! We are so proud of all you have learnt and you did it in record time too.

Be sure to share your achievement on social media and ecourgae other's to learn more as well! Save the image to your camera roll or right click it and save to your desktop; you can share the image alongside the following status:

I earned my degree in Epilepsy Awareness from the University of Epilepsy Ireland to pass some time during this period of social distancing. Why not get yours by clicking the link below?


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