The Links between Stress and Seizures

Professor Stafford Lightman at the University of Bristol began investigating the links between stress and seizures in 2014. This research is vital as although the association between stress and seizures has been noted it is still not fully understood. Lightman’s team from University of Bristol and the University of Exeter placed their focus on the research of cortisol.  This is a hormone that is released by the body in response to stress.

Show your support for Purple Day

Support Epilepsy Ireland by getting involved in ‘Purple Day 2019’ and hosting a purple themed event such as a Coffee Morning, Wear Purple to Work/School, Purple Run or create your own event.  You could also ask your local town hall to light up purple to raise awareness about epilepsy. To find out more, contact our Purple Day Coordinator Luke Meany on 01 4557500 or

European Scientific Journal Highlights the Contribution of Irish Neurological Charities

A collaborative paper led by the Neurological Alliance of Ireland has been published in the European Journal of Neuroscience. “Building a Supportive Framework for Brain Research in Ireland” was developed by a project team led by the Neurological Alliance Executive Director Mags Rogers.

Epilepsy warning bracelet features technology to save lives

A group of scientists based in the Netherlands have developed a new watch like bracelet that will possibly be saving lives in the future.

This new bracelet, called the Nightwatch was first unveiled in the Neurology journal. It is reported that it has the capability to detect 85% of seizures at night. This is a much higher detection rate than other similar technology.