Tips for staying safe and reducing your seizure risk during Storm Emma

  • Make sure you have enough epilepsy medication for the coming days
  • Staying warm is important for everyone, especially those whose seizures are triggered by extreme cold and weather changes
  • Keep your home heated as much as you can
  • As always, be careful with certain heat sources such as open fires, electric bar heaters and gas heaters which can be hazards in falls
  • Use secure fireguards to protect against burns injuries during falls

Pharmacy Regulator instructs pharmacists to alert patients to valproate risks

The Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland has today issued instructions to all pharmacists that they must inform women of child-bearing age of the potential risk of abnormal pregnancy outcomes when supplying sodium valproate (Epilim). This includes providing counselling and including a Package Leaflet and Alert Card with each supply of the drug.

The new directive comes after the European Medicines Agency's recent recommendations on risk minimisation.