Today is Dravet Syndrome Awareness Day.

Today is Dravet Syndrome Awareness Day.

While epilepsy itself is not rare, there are forms of rare epilepsies. One form of these rare epilepsies is Dravet Syndrome - a severe and refractory epilepsy which begins in infancy. It is characterised by frequent and prolonged seizures and alongside this, those living the condition can face a range of vast and difficult challenges. 

New study posts positive findings on long-term efficacy of CBD in refractory epilepsies

A new study recently published in leading epilepsy medical journal, Epilepsia, has reported positive findings on the long-term efficacy of CBD in refractory epilepsies.

The study investigated the use of CBD-based medication Epidyolex in 54 patients with refractory epilepsy in a US hospital over a period of up to 5 years.

Meath County Council pass motion supporting key Epilepsy Ireland advocacy matters.

At yesterday's meeting of Meath County Council, local councillors supported a motion on our ongoing campaign surrounding access to Free Travel for people with epilepsy and the issue of reasonable accommodations for students with epilepsy during state exams. 

The motion was brought forward by Cllr. Noel French and received unanimous support.