Mysoline Shortages- Update

Further to our most recent update regarding Mysoline supply here, the HPRA have confirmed with us that the manufacturing issues will see supply issues of Mysoline 250mg extended until April 2020.

In the interim, the HPRA have confirmed that he generic version of Mysoline (Primidone 250mg)  will remain available for the duration of the Mysoline shortage. 

November is MyLegacy month

Epilepsy Ireland is a proud member of MyLegacy and November marks MyLegacy month.

MyLegacy month highlights the importance of making a will. Making a will is oftentimes something that is put off by people across the country and it is also an aspect of life that many don’t like to think about.

MyLegacy month raises awareness that making a will is actually a much more straightforward and cost-effective process than what you may think.

Establishment of protein structure could lead to improved epilepsy treatments - Study

An emerging study has established the structure of a protein in our cells which could help improve epilepsy treatments in the future.

Researchers in the United States working out of the UT Southwestern Medical Center used advanced microscope technology in order to establish the structure of Potassium Chloride Cotransporter 1 (KCC1).

International Police Association Seminar- Epilepsy Awareness & Training

Epilepsy Ireland were delighted to recently attend and assist with a presentation on epilepsy awareness & training for police officers from across the globe at an International Police Association (IPA) seminar on “First Responders to a mass causality event”.

We attended the seminar at the invitation of Garda Larry Hoey, a serving member of An Garda Síochána based in Phoenix Park and a member of the IPA.