Cork Flag Day cancelled - take part in Epilepsy Ireland's Bad Hair Day Instead!

Unfortunately with the ongoing situation surrounding COVID19, our events for our annual Cork Flag Day on the 5th & 6th May have been cancelled.

In years past, this was a major fundraising day for our organisation in the Rebel County but we must ensure the safety of our volunteers in the current situation.

5 Ways in 5 Days

Daniel Flynn, Principal Psychology Manager, of the Cork/Kerry mental health services has released a series of videos in conjunction with the HSE surroundng tips for mental health & minduflness for the duration of the COVID19 situation. 

These may be very beneficial to many of our members, supporters & volunteers so please take the time to watch same. We will be sharing each video on our facebook over the coming the week. 

Living with a Neurological Condition in Covid19 Ireland - NAI launch new survey

The Neurological Alliance of Ireland (NAI) have launched a new survey on the experiences of those with neurological conditions living in COVID19 Ireland.

The findings of the survey aims to establish an insight into the challenges that people with neurological conditions are facing in the current environment in order to liaise with patient & state bodies to promote a greater understanding of their needs for the duration of the COVID19 outbreak. 

Charlotte Figi - RIP

Epilepsy Ireland were saddened to learn of the untimely passing of Charlotte Figi at the age of 13.

In her short life, Charlotte lived with Dravet Syndrome – a severe and rare form of childhood epilepsy.

At one point in her life, Charlotte could experience anything up to 300 seizures a day. However her mother investigated the use of CBD for Charlotte.

Autoantibodies in the brain may trigger seizures according to new study

The presence of autoantibodies in the brain may trigger seizures for some people with epilepsy, according to a new study recently published in the scientific journal, Annals of Neurology.

Autoantibodies are antibodies that mistakenly target a person’s own tissues or organs – unlike “normal” antibodies which target something foreign which may have entered the body.