Today is workplace wellbeing day - can we help support your workplace?

Last Updated: Fri, 29/04/2022 - 07:10
two people shaking hands after a job interview.

Acceptance and understanding within the workplace are something that everyone in employment seeks. This type of inclusive environment is also something many businesses and employers strive to implement in workplaces across Ireland.

However, for people with epilepsy, unfortunately there can still be misconceptions around a person’s ability to work when the reality is that for the vast majority of people with epilepsy, they are able to work at whatever they chose to do.

To help increase understanding of epilepsy within workplaces and in employment settings, Epilepsy Ireland are here to provide support to both employers and people with epilepsy.

Further information on employment for people with epilepsy can be found in the ‘Employment’ section of our website. Employers can also download or read our ‘Epilepsy in the Workplace- An Employers Information Resource’ to learn more about epilepsy and how they can support a person with epilepsy in their workplace.

We also offer Epilepsy Awareness Training for employers. This covers key topics about epilepsy such as:

  • What is Epilepsy? A look at the facts concerning the condition as opposed to some of the commonly held misconceptions.
  • What is a Seizure? Epilepsy is a condition that is unique to each individual. This section looks at the major classifications of seizures.
  • Do's and Don'ts This section looks at the things people should/should not do if they are in a situation where a person has a seizure.
  • Professional issues Guidelines on assessing the suitability of a person with epilepsy to undertake specific jobs.

These awareness sessions are delivered by our local team of Community Resource Officers. If you would like to arrange a session for your team or employees, please do not hesitate to get in touch with your local Community Resource Officer.