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Learn about the EPIKNOW study!

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Pregnant woman, mother feeding baby and a woman on a laptop and refill pad researching - and EPIKNOW logo overlayed.

In 2023, Epilepsy Ireland exceeded the €1.5 million mark in total research investment with our support for the EPIKNOW study.

The study proposes to identify, alongside women with epilepsy, their families and healthcare professionals, health information needs along the preconception to postpartum continuum. The study is led by Dr Aisling Walsh, from the Department of Public Health and Epidemiology, at the RCSI – with many other leading healthcare professionals and experts involved in the care of women with epilepsy also making up the research team.

The study has been ongoing for the last year and we recently caught up Dr. Aisling Walsh and Dr. Jade Parnell – postdoctoral researcher who is working on the study – about the aims of the study and how it has been progressing. You can watch our brief video about the study below.

We look forward to continuing to report on the progress of this study – something we firmly believe has the potential to make a huge impact on the future care of women with epilepsy in Ireland, who are planning pregnancies in the future. 

We like to thank everyone who has engaged with this study so far – your feedback and insights have been incredibly important – and we would also like to thank all our members, supporters and volunteers for their fundraising efforts which have made investments in research like this possible.

If you are a women with epilepsy and need any further information or support on your journey with the condition, visit the ‘Women’ section of our website or contact your local Community Resource Officer. You can find this details by visiting the ‘Our Local Service’ section of our website.

To learn more about our investments in epilepsy research, visit the ‘Research’ section of our website.