Epilepsy Ireland supporting NAI 'Patients Deserve Better' campaign

Patients Deserve Better Campaign logo

Epilepsy Ireland are proud to support the ‘Patients Deserve Better’ campaign.

The campaign has been devised by our colleagues in the Neurological Alliance of Ireland. The campaign aims to highlight the importance of neurology nurse posts across Ireland and crucially, is calling for action to increase neurology nurse capacity in our health service.

From a nationwide perspective, Ireland currently has 42 neurology nurses. To meet patient capacity and help improve waiting lists for those living with a neurological condition, Ireland needs 100 extra specialised neurology nurses to help support those living with a number of neurological conditions. 

In epilepsy, we currently have 22 Epilepsy Nurse Specialists in place. Given the population and number of people with epilepsy across Ireland, it is recommended that 36 Epilepsy Nurse specialists are in place.

Epilepsy Nurse Specialists play a huge role in supporting people with epilepsy in managing their condition. In the video below, Prof. Colin Doherty of St. James Hospital Dublin; Epilepsy Nurse Practitioner, Cora Flynn; and Epilepsy Ireland media volunteer, Emma Beamish speak about the importance of Epilepsy Nurse Specialists in the care of a person with epilepsy.












We need to see the shortfall in neurology nurse numbers addressed. You can help make this happen by visiting www.patientsdeservebetter.ie and by taking action in contacting your local Oireachtas member is support of the #patientsdeservebetter campaign.

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