Art Submissions invited in advance of 13th Asian & Oceanian Epilepsy Congress

While the evenings are getting longer and the sun a bit brighter, we still need to continue to #HoldFirm with measures to combat COVID-19. While the extension of boundaries to beyond 5km has allowed us all to try different walking routes etc, we are aware that there are still many of our members, followers and supporters who are looking to keep their minds busy during these continuing strange times. 

Our membership of the International Bureau for Epilepsy keeps us informed of what our global epilepsy partners are up to and helps us all collectively keep in touch. 

This is how we were informed about an Art Exhibition from the Japan Epilepsy Society which is inviting submissions from across the globe in advance of the 13th Asian & Oceanian Epilepsy Congress. 

This may be of interest to you as you continue to stay safe.

Your piece can be a painting or drawing; a photomontage; pottery; sculpture; beadwork embroidery or needlework - something for everyone! Guidelines for submission are as follows:

-A contestant may submit up to a maximum of 3 pieces of art. 
-Submission can be made using a scan or photo of the artwork. Scans or photos should be between 1MB - 3MB file size or should be spread over multiple emails.The quality of scans or photos is the responsibility of the entrant. 
-Each entry must be the original work of the contestant, have a title (in English) and also include a short description of the artwork and its meaning (maximum 200 words). 
-By submitting an entry to the art exhibition, the contestant agrees to grant IBE, free of charge, the right to publish photographs of the artwork online, in other IBE media, or as part of an exhibition. 
-The entries will be judged by independent judging panel which will select the 3 pieces for presentation at the IBE Epilepsy & Society Symposium, on 13th June 2021. The artists of these pieces will be invited to make a short presentation via Zoom at the congress. If you do not wish to be considered for the oral presentation, please indicate this when submitting your piece of art. 
-All entries should be sent to before the closing date of 21st May 2021. No late entries will be accepted. 
For more on this, click HERE.
Best of luck to everyone entering and we hope that it will pass some time for you. Remember, we are still here for you for any support or advice which you may need with your or your family member's epilepsy during this time. For details of your local Community Resource Officer, click HERE.