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Today is TSC Global Awareness Day!

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May 15th marks Tuberous Sclerosis Complex (TSC) global awareness day.

It is estimated that TSC affects 1 in every 6,000 people and there are approximately 700 people living with TSC in Ireland.

TSC is a rare genetic condition which causes tumours or growths in the organs including the brain, eyes, kidney, lungs, skin, teeth and heart. These tumours are usually not cancerous but the effects they can have vary greatly between people with TSC. Some people will have a mild from of the disease with barely noticeable symptoms. For others, the tumours can lead to a wide variety of medical problems.

While TSC is not a type of epilepsy, epilepsy can be an extremely common characteristic of the condition for many of those living with TSC.  

On TSC Global Awareness Day, we are joining with our colleagues in TSC Ireland to encourage everyone to learn more about this rare condition. You can find further information on TSC by visiting the TSC Ireland website or by visiting the ‘Rare Epilepsy Disorders’ section of our website.