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Support Epilepsy Ireland!

Epilepsy Ireland Fundraisers taking part in a fundraising event

To continue our journey towards a society where no person’s life is limited by epilepsy, we depend on the incredible support of our volunteers to raise funds for our work. There are several ways you can get involved in our fundraising efforts, and we would love to hear from you if you’d like to get involved.

Host a fundraising event for Epilepsy Ireland

Over the years we've had some incredible volunteers come up with lots of fun ways to both raise funds and awareness for our work, from pub quizzes and bake sales, to cycles and swims, to head shaves and leg waxes, there are endless ways to get creative and get involved!

Collage of fundraisers at different events.
Some  of the incredible fundraisers we have at Epilepsy Ireland.

If you would like to host a fundraiser we’d love to hear from you! Fill out our fundraising event form on the button below; let us know what you're thinking and what you might need, and our team will be in touch with you to offer further support and guidance to make your fundraiser in support of Epilepsy Ireland the best event possible. 

Host a Event for EI!

Online Fundraising

Online fundraisers are a vitally important tool and a very user-friendly way to raise money for Epilepsy Ireland. Online fundraising platforms allow you to showcase your incredible efforts in support of Epilepsy Ireland and create pages to share with family, friends, or colleagues via social media, email, or text to help encourage donations in support of our work.

At Epilepsy Ireland, our preferred online fundraising platform is iDonate. When our supporters all use the same fundraising platform, it helps us better manage our limited resources, meaning that our team can better support you to get the most out of your fundraiser! By using our event form below, a page will be automatically set up on iDonate for your fundraiser.

However, please note – don’t worry if you have already set up a fundraiser on another platform! Every cent raised regardless of platform will be vital in helping us continue our journey towards a society where no person’s life is limited by epilepsy. Continue to fill out the form on the button below and input the URL of your fundraising page and our team will be in touch!

Set up a fundraising event on iDonate!

Become a Fundraising Volunteer

At various points throughout the year, such as around our key fundraising day Purple Day ® in March, we will call on our fundraising volunteers to help support our fundraising campaigns that are taking place in communities across Ireland. We may also call on our fundraising volunteers to take part in endurance events such as marathons, and keep in touch with opportunities on how you can get involved to raise the vital funds required to support our work. If you would like to join our dedicated network of fundraising volunteers, fill out your details by clicking the button below and let us know how you might be able to help and we’ll be in touch with future opportunities when they arise!

Sign up to be a Fundraising Volunteer!

If you have any further questions on any of the above, please email our team on with your query and we’ll be in touch asap. Thank you for your support for Epilepsy Ireland and together, we can achieve a society where no person’s life is limited by epilepsy.