New research identifies membrane protein which can cause epilepsy

New research from the Korea Brain Institute has identified the structure and mechanism of a membrane protein which can cause epilepsy.

Membrane proteins are the gatekeepers to the cell and are essential to the function of all cells. They control the flow of information or messages between cells.

The identification of this protein is a positive step as it could lead to the development of treatments to control the protein; thus controlling the function of the cell and therefore leading to developments on the treatment of epilepsy.

The team at the Korea Brain Institute was led by Dr. Lim Hyun-Ho and their research was recently published in the international journal, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS).

The full study published in the PNAS can be found here while the full press release from the Korea Brain Institute announcing the findings can be found here.

Dr. Lim Hyun-Ho has confirmed that their research on membrane protein is continuing.

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