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Mid-Morning Mindfulness 24.2.23

Sun setting over mountainscape
24 Feb 2023

Join our Community Resource Officer, Cliona for some Mid-Morning Mindfulness!

Epilepsy can be a condition that causes the mind to race and common bywords of living with the condition are stress & anxiety– be it as a person with epilepsy or as a family member or carer of a person with epilepsy.

This session with Cliona will help you discover the technique of mindfulness to better manage some of the challenges that can be associated with epilepsy (like the ones mentioned above) and will encourage you to pause and check in with yourself through a blend of self-care activities and techniques. Mindfulness is the perfect way to rest, recalibrate and recognise the challenges you are facing – and helps to sharpen the mind so you can overcome them.

We have been running these mindfulness sessions since the beginning of the year – initially on a trial period – but they have proven to be extremely popular and many people living with epilepsy have found the sessions to be of benefit, as the below feedback has outlined:

Mindfulness has helped me to pause and not go into the dark rabbit-hole of negative thinking and self-doubt!

If you have any questions about this session, please contact Cliona on