Futureneuro announce Dr. Danny Costello as funded investigator

Futureneuro have announced University College Cork as their newest academic partner.

Initially, UCC’s collaboration with Futureneuro will come in the form of Dr. Danny Costello of Cork University Hospital & UCC who will join Futureneuro as a funded investigator.

Dr. Costello is a consultant neurologist at CUH and senior lecturer at UCC and will be familiar to many people with epilepsy and their families as he is the clinical lead for the epilepsy monitoring unit at CUH which caters for those in counties Cork, Kerry, Tippearary and Waterford. Dr. Costello also spoke at our National Conference in 2019.

Futureneuro have welcomed the addition of UCC & Dr. Costello to their ever expanding team as it will aid increased recruitment in epilepsy studies for those from the Munster region.

Meanwhile, Dr. Costello commented on his addition to the FutureNeuro team outlining his goals for future research projects, “I have been involved in the care of people with epilepsy since 2004 and much of my working life is focussed on helping to deal with common epilepsy-related problems such as refractory seizures. This clinical experience helps to identify the research questions that translate into real-world benefits such as identifying an unrecognised cause of intellectual disability and severe epilepsy, identifying markers that predict refractory epilepsy, developing targeted treatments for rare forms of epilepsy and understanding the underlying mechanisms of epileptogenesis. In Ireland, we have a group of researchers who collaborate closely with clinicians to investigate these real-world problems.

By collaborating with FutureNeuro, I believe that I can contribute to the field of epilepsy genetics, epilepsy epidemiology and epilepsy-related neuronal injury & neurodegeneration.”

You can read more about the new developments at Futureneuro here.

We look forward to continuing to work with Futureneuro on epilepsy research projects and welcome the addition of Dr. Costello and UCC to the Futureneuro team.