Expert Electrical Select Epilepsy Ireland as charity partner

Expert Electrical have announced they have selected Epilepsy Ireland as their charity partner for 2020 and 2021.

Expert, who are Ireland’s largest electrical retailer and have 67 stores nationwide, have pledged their support to the only organisation in the Country that caters for people with epilepsy and their families.

As part of the partnership, Expert have committed to raising €15,000 per year through events organised by their own staff and by partaking in existing Epilepsy Ireland fundraising events such as Purple Day and the Peaks Challenge.  The money raised will go back into Epilepsy Ireland’s service for people with epilepsy and their families.

Speaking at the launch event announcing the partnership, Expert Electrical CEO, Mr. Ciaran O’Reilly said he is delighted to get behind an organisation which supports an often misunderstood condition, commenting, “In the lead up to announcing our partnership with Epilepsy Ireland, we have learnt so much about the condition and how it can be misunderstood.  Despite the fact that there are over 40,000 people across the country living with the condition, it is clear that there is still a stigma associated with the condition in many areas be it how it presents or even the impact this has on the person themselves.  Epilepsy Ireland aims to educate the public about the condition and show the public that epilepsy does not have to be a barrier to a person’s life. 

We had significant discussions with all our members and staff on who we should choose as our charity partner and as we sat with them and discussed epilepsy & Epilepsy Ireland’s work, a firm consensus was established that we should support their excellent work across the Country. They are the experts in epilepsy and everyone in Expert Electrical is proud to support their vital work over the coming two years. “

Mr. O’Reilly was joined at the launch event by Epilepsy Ireland CEO, Mr.  Peter Murphy. Mr. Murphy outlined how having the support of an organisation of Expert’s stature will have a hugely positive impact in the organisation’s work, commenting, “This funding boost we have received from Expert will make a huge impact in our ongoing work. Like Expert, we have a nationwide presence and we offer support for people with epilepsy and their families within their communities through our dedicated network of Community Resource Officers. We depend on fundraising to provide this service and the support of Expert is two-pronged in that not only have they committed to raising €15,000 per year as part of the agreement, but they have also agreed to take part in our existing fundraising events to help us continue our service.

With their dedicated network of staff across the country working alongside our team based in Crumlin and across the country, I am confident that much more than €15,000 will be raised for our work as a result of this partnership.”