Epilepsy Ireland welcomes funding from Covid-19 Stability Fund

Epilepsy Ireland has received confirmation that we have been awarded €177,838 under the Government's COVID-19 Stability Fund for Community & Voluntary organisations

The fund was established by the Government in order to provide a once-off cash injection to non-profit and community organisations who continue to provide vital services throughout the pandemic. 

Our team of Community Resource Officers - who are the front line of our service - have remained available to people with epilepsy and their families throughout the pandemic in order to offer support and advice to them on the condition; while other aspects of our service such as our BM training for professionals have been adpated for online delivery. While much of our work in the community has not been possible in recent months, we have recorded an increase in the number of one-to-one contacts with our service since March. Our one-to-one work is currently being done by phone, Zoom and email while a number of support groups are also continuing online.

The new funding will be vital in offsetting the 50%+ reduction in our fundraising income this year. Covid-19 has severely impacted our ability to fundraise for our services, advocacy, research and training work and traditionally important fundraising activities such as church gate collections or local fundraisers organised by our dedicated members and supporters have not been able to go ahead.

This funding from the Government under the Stability Fund is very welcome in what is a very challenging time for our organisation. However, it is not a direct replacement for the income we have lost due to COVID-19.  We still need your support more than ever and with Rose Week set to place next week, please help in any way you can to help us raise vital funds for our service. You can find out more on how to get involved by clicking here.

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