STEPS for adults

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Come along to a STEPS training programme and learn about managing epilepsy and broader health & wellness issues and meet others with epilepsy to learn from each other and share experiences. Our programmes are six weekly sessions, running in a number of locations around the country. Follow our events section to find an event in your area or contact your local office

The STEPS programme includes:

  • Understanding self-management
  • Life with epilepsy
  • Understanding medical care
  • Managing seizure triggers
  • Lifestyle and safety
  • Using support systems
  • Developing communication skills
  • Managing emotions
  • Understanding diet, exercise and sleep
  • Stress management tools
  • Building self-con­fidence
  • Managing negative thinking
  • Future life planning

Download the STEPS flyer for more details

Bookings for STEPS can be made with our local Community Resource Officers.