MediMee Smart Wristband (€22)

Introducing the all new MediMee Smart Wristband. The MediMee wristband is made from a comfortable and durable silicone material with a simple fastener.
The wristbands are 100% waterproof with the added benefit of an adjustable strap, making it easier to size for children and adults.

MediMee wristbands provide a simple, cost-effective, durable and innovative way of meeting your medical requirement  for more information and to update your details. 

My Lights Go Out (€8)

My Lights Go Out is a story about a little girl called Aoife. Aoife is 4 years old and has two brothers Sean and Pádraig and a dog named Sky.

One day Aoife experiences a seizure and the story explains the journey of what happens when a child is diagnosed with epilepsy. It is written as a simple starting point to explain epilepsy for young children.

Written by Julie Greene with beautiful colour illustrations by Margaret Anne Suggs. Copies are available from selected Epilepsy Ireland offices nationwide for €8 per copy.

Safety Pillow (€40)

Seizures occurring during sleep are qualitatively different from seizures which may happen when one is awake. However, due to the context in which they may occur it is advisable to avoid soft pillows which can cause breathing to be obstructed if the person turns their face into the pillow during the seizure.