Kahoot Quizzes!

We know that online quizzes have become a mainstay in COVID19 Ireland BUT it can be difficult to get the questions together for those who are tasked with organising. 

Luckily, we now have you covered with a selection of ready-made quizzes!! Through our ready-made quizzes, you can remove the stress of  collating questions and answers while also supporting our work through your purchase. However, please read the below before making your purchase:

Epi Silicone Band (€3)

The Epi Silicone Band is a discreet identifier for people with epilepsy to allow members of the public know that they have the condition in the event of them having a seizure in public or if they are in new surroundings where everyone may not know they have the condition. 

Oftentimes, first-responders who are equipped with the knowledge on what to do in the event of seizure will look for some sort of indication that a person has epilepsy and the Epi Silicone Band is a perfect identifier for this.

My Lights Go Out (€8)

My Lights Go Out is a story about a little girl called Aoife. Aoife is 4 years old and has two brothers Sean and Pádraig and a dog named Sky.

One day Aoife experiences a seizure and the story explains the journey of what happens when a child is diagnosed with epilepsy. It is written as a simple starting point to explain epilepsy for young children.

Written by Julie Greene with beautiful colour illustrations by Margaret Anne Suggs. Copies are available from selected Epilepsy Ireland offices nationwide for €8 per copy.

Safety Pillow (€22) - discounted rate for members who have joined or renewed for 1 or 3 years

Seizures occurring during sleep are qualitatively different from seizures which may happen when one is awake. However, due to the context in which they may occur it is advisable to avoid soft pillows which can cause breathing to be obstructed if the person turns their face into the pillow during the seizure. The price per pillow is €22.00 including postage within Ireland, for outside Ireland, postal rates will cost more, call 01 4557500 to enquire for prices.

Purple Wristband (€4)

Our festival style purple wristbands are a fantastic way to help us raise funds and awareness - not just for Purple Day® but year round. 

Purple Day® is an international epilepsy awareness day which takes place on March 26th every year. We use the day to increase awareness of epilepsy by encouraging buildings to light up Purple and by asking our fantastic volunteers to have fundraising events in support of our work.