World Brain Day 2019

Today is World Brain Day 2019. This day highlights the need for Neurological care to be made a priority in Ireland and across the globe. You can show your support for the goals of the day by using the hashtag #WorldBrainDay on social media and by sharing your own goals through the hashtag #BrainLifeGoals.

Our colleagues in the Neurological Alliance of Ireland hosted a hugely informative and positive event this morning as part of World Brain Day and we were delighted to attend alongside other advocacy organisations for neurological conditions. 

Speakers at the event included Louise O'Reilly TD, Sinn Fein Spokesperson on Health; Gay Mitchell, Chair of Futureneuro, Epilepsy Ambassador & former Fine Gael MEP; Donna Walsh of the European Federation of  Neurological Associations; and Jane Whelan, who shared her personal experience of the neurological condition migraine. 

Attendees heard how budgets must be utilised correctly to cater for neurological conditions; how research and investment in the field must continue to be expanded; and how persons with a neurological condition must take a role in educating their friends & colleagues about their condition. 

We will continue to work with our colleagues both in Ireland and in Europe in an effort to achieve the goals set out by World Brain Day in order to improve the access to neurological care for persons with epilepsy.