What is Epilepsy?

Epilepsy is  a tendency to have recurring seizures. A seizure is a brief and temporary malfunction of normal brain activity and is often compared to a computer crashing. You can find out more about seizures here.

There are 37,000 (1 in every 115) people with epilepsy in this country. Epilepsy is very much a hidden disability. For many people, it may only affect them for a short period in their lives and can be controlled by medication, or in some instances, surgery. However, there are a still a minimum of 10,000 people with uncontrolled epilepsy in Ireland. For this group in particular, epilepsy can lead to significant long-term disability. A diagnosis of epilepsy involves learning to cope with the physical impact of seizures; the medications prescribed to control them and impaired psychological & social functioning. Loss of one's driver's license, employment and educational challenges and social stigma are all potential issues that may cause as many problems as the seizures themselves.

One of Ireland's leading Epilepsy specialists, Prof Norman Delanty explains epilepsy in the video below.