Volunteer for new study on how young adults take their epilepsy medications

Researchers at University College Cork are inviting young adults (18-30 years old) with epilepsy to take part in a new study that aims to understand how young adults take their medicines and the factors that affect how they do it.

The Chief investigator of the project is Prof Henry Smithson in the Department of General Practice at UCC. Also on the research team is Meera Kugadas, a Medical Student in her final year from UCC. The title of the study is "Identifying factors affecting medical adherence amongst young adults with epilepsy."

It is well known that not taking anti-epileptic drugs as directed affects seizure control and increases health risks. Because of this, it is important to understand what factors affect how young adults with epilepsy take their medication. Understanding these factors can help improve communication between patients and healthcare professionals.

If you volunteer to take part, you will be asked to talk to a researcher over the phone about factors that affect how you take your anti-epileptic drugs. This interview will take approximately 15 minutes and will be recorded. 

If you are interested in participating in this study, please download and read the patient information leaflet and consent form below.

The consent form must be signed and returned to the Department of General Practice, Room 2.41 Western Gateway Building, Western Road, University College Cork, Cork, Ireland, or by email to 113102770@umail.ucc.ie along with your name and phone number so that the team can contact you.

For further information, contact the Department of General Practice at UCC - 021 4901572.