Update on Frisium Supply

Epilepsy Ireland has been made aware of reports of difficulties with the supply of Frisium (Clobazam) 10 mg tablets recently.  We have contacted the Irish Pharmaceutical Union and also the Health Products Regulation Authority to clarify what the position is currently.

There had been a delay with production of Frisium which led to stock being made available on a case by case basis in Ireland by the manufacturers Sanofi. 

Additional stock has since been acquired from the UK to fill gaps in supply to Irish patients and to ensure the product did not go out of stock.

The pharmaceutical composition of the UK product is the same but there are differences in the appearance of the packaging and the numbers of tablets. The UK stock is a pack of 30 tablets whereas the Irish pack is a 100 pack. There are also differences in the labelling of the carton and in the patient leaflet. A temporary code has been issued for the UK stock to allow it be dispensed in Ireland.

As of this morning, Friday 26th April, we received confirmation that the product is in stock in sufficient quantities to meet normal demand. While there may be a temporary pharmacy-level shortage, any pharmacy having a problem with ordering supplies can contact Sanofi who will ensure the order is supplied.

Please get in touch with us at info@epilepsy.ie or contact your local office if you have any queries or concerns.