Training for Success

About Training for Success

Due to the nature of Epilepsy and given it can be difficult to manage in some cases, this can often lead to a person’s educational and social development being stifled.

This is why Training for Success was set up by Epilepsy Ireland. The course aims to empower person’s with Epilepsy to manage their condition while providing participants on the course with the vital skills to either enter the workforce or pursue further education.

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Why should I go on Training for Success?

Since its inception in 1998, 85% of participants who have completed this course have gone on to either further education or employment.                               

Can I afford it? 

If eligible, students are paid a MSLETB training allowance and an accommodation allowance. To see if you are eligible, contact the Course Coordinator. There are no fees payable for the course.

Can I do this course anywhere else in Ireland?

The course is only available in IT Sligo and has welcomed participants from all over Ireland and is internationally acclaimed with students from the UK & mainland Europe also participating on the course in the past.  Training for Success is the only course of its kind in Ireland and Europe.

What are the services locally for person’s with Epilepsy?

IT Sligo is right beside Sligo University Hospital which has a Specialist Epilepsy Centre with a Neurologist and two Epilepsy Specialist nurses. Our Community Resource Officer for the North-West, Agnes Mooney, also provides an outreach services in Sligo. Her details can be found here.

Why IT Sligo?

IT Sligo boasts a modern campus in the heart of North-West Ireland. With over 4,000 full-time students, as a participant on Training for Success, you will be a registered IT Sligo student and have access to all the facilities and benefits that comes with this such as access to the gym and student health services. Sligo itself has a vibrant nightlife with something to suit everyone’s taste as well as numerous tourist attractions and stunning scenery.                                                                                                                                                                             

What Level is the course?

The Course is a QQI Level 5 Major Award in General Studies.

How long is it?

The course is 1 year long (52weeks Sept-Sept).

What will I be doing on the course?

Modules include Epilepsy Management, Research and Study Skills, Word Processing, Mathematics, Communications, Teamwork, Health and Safety at Work, Customer service & Work Experience. If eligible, students will participate in a wide variety of activities including lectures, tutorials, presentations, assignments, portfolio development, project work, discussion groups, one to one supported training, goal-setting, peer learning, outdoor pursuits and much more.

When does the course begin?

The course will begin enrollment in the summer of 2020 and the class of 2020/21 will begin in September. Please contact us at any stage to discuss the course if you are interested n taking part.

Where/How do I apply?

Application forms can be downloaded here and completed applications must be sent to Training for Success, The Institute of Technology, Ash Lane, Sligo.

Is there any conditions for entry?

Prospective participants must be capable of independent living. There are no educational requirements for entry.

I have further questions; is there anyone I can contact?

Should you have any questions on any of the above or require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact Maire Tansey or Edel Feely at Training for Success on 0719155303 or by email on  or                                                                                                        

What have previous Students said about the course?

“Training for Success is something I will look back on very fondly and with a lot of warmth and happiness. With the team at Training for Success I never felt alone or that I wasn't being heard because there is always someone there to listen to you", TFS Graduate, Michaela Murphy.

How is the Course funded?

This programme is supported by the Irish Exchequer and is funded under the National Development Plan 2018-2027.

Our Recent Graduates! Congratulations to all!