State Exams Experiences : We need your help!

Epilepsy Ireland is currently looking into the state exams system and the provision of reasonable accommodations for Junior and Leaving Cert as it might apply for students with epilepsy. In order to make representation on this issue with the relevant bodies firstly we need to hear from people who have already had experiences of having seizures during the Junior or Leaving Cert exam period.

Did these seizures have a disruptive effect on taking exams? Was this taken in to account by the reasonable accommodations provision? What impact was there on your grades and college options? We would like to hear about all seizures which may have happened during the exam itself, or during the exam period. In particular we are looking at any disadvantage you faced in regard to :-

  • Under-performance due to seizures
  • Having a fail recorded due to missing an exam
  • Having to complete the exam later that day
  • Having to repeat the Leaving Cert due to missing an exam/exams
  • Missing out on a college place due to a missed exam/exams
  • Non-completion of Junior or Leaving Cert due to seizures

There are further factors such as medication effects, stress and tiredness although these are harder to quantify,

If any of these issues applied to you we would like to hear about your experience, you can email us at