Sign up for free epilepsy research seminar on April 15th

Epilepsy Research: a window into dysfunction of the human brain

Monday 15th April
6.30pm – 8.30pm
Paccar Theatre, Science Gallery, Trinity College Dublin

As part of the upcoming Festival of Neuroscience in Dublin, Trinity College Dublin in association with FutureNeuro and Epilepsy Ireland are delighted to announce a free public seminar on epilepsy research on Monday 15th April at The Science Gallery in Trinity College.

The event will focus on research exploring new treatments and methods of diagnosis for epilepsy, particularly research using human tissue or cells.


Prof Mark Cunningham, Prof. of Neurophysiology of Epilepsy, Trinity College Dublin
Dr Susan Byrne, FutureNeuro Research Centre, RCSI
Dr Peter Widdess Walsh, Consultant Neurologist, Beaumont Hospital
Aoife Munnelly, person with epilepsy

The event will also include an audience and panel discussion.

About the Event:

Animal models of epilepsy have generated a great deal of knowledge about the neuro-biological basis of epilepsy. However, the best alternative to animal models would be to conduct scientific studies in human brain tissue or cells.

Increasingly neuroscientists are taking the opportunity to study human tissue obtained from patients with epilepsy.  For example, live human brain tissue obtained from epilepsy surgery can be taken to the laboratory to study how brain cells generate electrical activity. Alternatively, blood samples can be obtained from patients and using stem cell technology, human brain cells can be derived for functional or genetic studies.

Researchers from FutureNeuro (Dr Susan Byrne) and Trinity College Dublin (Prof. Mark Cunningham) will lead a public discussion highlighting approaches using human samples and how they can contribute to the diagnosis and treatment of epilepsy.

The clinical perspective on these approaches will be provided by a neurologist (Dr Peter Widdess-Walsh). We will also hear the thoughts and experiences from the perspective of a person with epilepsy (Aoife Munnelly). Each speaker will talk for 15 minutes with 45-60 minutes for a panel discussion with the audience.

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