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Sexual health

smiling man and woman under the covers of a bed.

Some women have spoken about their worries about having a seizure during sex. This is in fact rare. But if you notice an increase in seizures relating to sex, it’s worth talking to your doctor/epilepsy nurse.

Sexual problems
Any woman can have problems with sex from time to time. These can include problems getting aroused, having an orgasm, or having little interest in sex.
These are some common causes of sexual problems that can affect anyone:

  • Stress
  • Illness
  • Tiredness
  •  Alcohol

If you have epilepsy and are having sexual problems these could also be related to:

  • Your epilepsy medicine
  • Anxiety about your seizures
  • The way your seizures affect your hormones

If you have any concerns about your sex life, it’s worth talking to your family doctor. They can look for physical or other possible causes of your problems. If they think the problems relate to how you are feeling, they may be able to refer you for talking therapies such as counselling or cognitive behaviour therapy.