Self-Management programmes for women

STEPS Self-Management Programme for Adults with Epilepsy

Come along to a STEPS training programme and learn about managing epilepsy and broader health & wellness issues and meet others with epilepsy to learn from each other and share experiences. Our programmes are six weekly sessions, running in a number of locations around the country. Follow our events section to find an event in your area. 

The STEPS programme includes:

  • Understanding self-management
  • Life with epilepsy
  • Understanding medical care
  • Managing seizure triggers
  • Lifestyle and safety
  • Using support systems
  • Developing communication skills
  • Managing emotions
  • Understanding diet, exercise and sleep
  • Stress management tools
  • Building self con­fidence
  • Managing negative thinking
  • Future life planning

Download the STEPS flyer for more details

Bookings for STEPS can be made with our local Community Resource Officers. 

Innerwise for adults  

Epilepsy Ireland offer a six session programme – INNERWISE – Wisdom and Inner Strength with Epilepsy which is a course in Meditation and Personal Development, designed to address stress management, anxiety, health and wellness and personal confidence. This programme is available to people who have completed the STEPS programme. It is also available as a one day taster workshop to anyone with epilepsy. The INNERWISE programme runs in a number of regional locations.

This course is designed to deepen participants ability to self-manage and to create happy and successful lives where epilepsy is integrated into a deeper experience of resilience and coping with life. We address topics such as:

  • The Inner Self
  • How to meditate and practice
  • Negative thinking
  • Self-esteem and positive affirmation
  • The Wisdom Self
  • Plans for the Future

Contact our regional offices to find an INNERWISE course for you or click here for our current event and activity services dates.